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New Patient Centre

Welcome to Carter Family Chiropractic Centre! We offer a calm, relaxing environment so that you can enjoy each of your visits to our practice. You can take a moment to disconnect in our waiting area, watch an informative health related video, or listen to music playing before seeing your chiropractor.

Some people travel from hours away to see us. The process for new patients may take place over one or two visits, depending on what is most appropriate to accommodate you.

Getting Started

You can complete paperwork ahead of time by having it emailed to you or downloading it here. Otherwise, you’re welcome to arrive early to fill out these forms. Then, you’ll be taken to a private setting to meet with your chiropractor and talk about your case history. If you’re a candidate for chiropractic, we’ll get started on an examination. If not, we will inform you promptly and make a referral to the appropriate practitioner.


Photo of xrays

The Examination

The examination may involve X-rays, which are taken on-site. If you return later in the day, we’ll then sit down and go through our findings. We’ll discuss our recommended treatment and get started if you choose to.

If you need to be sent to another facility to have further X-rays taken or live close by, we may have you return on a subsequent day for your second visit to discuss all results and begin treatment.
In total, your first appointment takes about an hour.

Regular Visits

Your follow-up appointments will be shorter, taking about 10-15 minutes. You’ll always be given ample time to have your concerns fully addressed.

Reduce Your Frequency As Needed

You’ll receive your chiropractor’s best recommendations, and then the choice is yours on how you’d like to proceed with your care. Once improvement is felt in your condition, the frequency of your visits will be reduced. You can choose to see us on an as-needed basis, though we may discuss the possible benefits of regular periodic visits with you.

Schedule your time with us today! All health funds are accepted and processed immediately on-site with HICAPS.



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